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  1. Litepanels ASTRA 6X Daylight

    Litepanels ASTRA 6X Daylight

    - 6x Brighter than Original 1x1 - Dual Cooling Modes - Approximately 5,600K - Optional DMX Module - 100-240 VAC with Included AC Adapter - 13-24 VDC with Optional Battery - Optional Gold Mount and V-Mount Plates - TIR Optics, High CRI
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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK6,890.80 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK8,613.50
  2. Nanguang Light CN-576 3KIT+T

    Nanguang Light CN-576 3KIT+T

    NanGuang CN-576 3KIT + T

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK6,456.38 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK8,070.48
  3. NanGuang CN-2000 L

    NanGuang CN-2000 L

    LED light panel
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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK5,984.51 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK7,480.64

3 Item(s)