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Signal processing

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  1. Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K Extreme 3
    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK18,163.25 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK22,704.06
  2. Blackmagic Universal Videohub 288 Crosspoint
    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK54,190.15 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK67,737.69
  3. Blackmagic universal Videohub Power Supply
    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK18,620.14 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK23,275.18
  4. AJA FR2D

    AJA FR2D

    2RU, 10-Slot Frame, 100W, Forced Air Cooling, Dual Power Supplies
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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK11,160.10 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK13,950.13
  5. AJA FS3

    AJA FS3

    Frame Sync/Converter with SD/HD to 4K up-conversion capability, 1RU
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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK22,432.55 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK28,040.69
  6. AJA FS1-X w FRC

    AJA FS1-X w FRC

    Frame Sync/Converter with MADI audio with FRC, 1RU
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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK41,157.55 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK51,446.94
  7. Decimator Design DMON-16S

    Decimator Design DMON-16S

    16-Channel Multi-Viewer with SDI & HDMI Outputs

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK10,104.01 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK12,630.01


    Multi-format analog and digital I/O

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK10,246.32 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK12,807.90
  9. AJA FR2 Rackmount Frame

    AJA FR2 Rackmount Frame

    R-Series 2RU Rackmount Frame

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK9,669.59 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK12,086.99
  10. AJA FS1

    AJA FS1

    Universal Frame Synchronizer/Converter

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK26,177.55 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK32,721.94
  11. AJA RD10MD2

    AJA RD10MD2

    Dual down-converter, 10-bit, HD-SDI to SD-SDI and analog composite
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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK12,358.50 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK15,448.13
  12. Kramer Electronics VP-704xl

    Kramer Electronics VP-704xl

    Computer Graphics Video & HDTV Scan Converter with Video Overlay

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK15,376.97 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK19,221.21
  13. AJA FIDO-4T



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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK9,826.88 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK12,283.60
  14. AJA FS2

    AJA FS2

    Dual channel universal 3g/Hd/Sd audio/video frame sync/converter, 1RU

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK29,945.02 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK37,431.28
  15. AJA KUMO 3232

    AJA KUMO 3232

    KUMO 32x32 Compact SDI Router, with 1 power supply

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK26,177.55 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK32,721.94
  16. AJA FiDO-4T-ST

    AJA FiDO-4T-ST

    4 channel 3G-SDI to optical fiber-ST fiber connectors

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK9,826.88 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK12,283.60
  17. AJA FiDO-4R-ST

    AJA FiDO-4R-ST

    4 channel optical fiber to 3G-SDI-ST fiber connectors

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK9,826.88 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK12,283.60
  18. AJA FS-HDR


    - 4x 3G-SDI (BNC) Inputs/Outputs - 4x 3G-SDI (Fiber SFP) Inputs - Real-Time HDR & WCG Conversion - Supports SD, HD & UHD 4K Signals - Real-Time Camera Log Conversion - Single UHD/4K/2K/HD/SD Processor Mode - Quad 2K/HD/SD Processors Mode - Colorfront Engine & Algorithms - Color Correction & Deinterlacing - Remote Configuration and Control
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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK52,564.82 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK65,706.03
  19. Teradek T-RAX Base Rack System

    Teradek T-RAX Base Rack System

    - Base Frame for T-RAX Card System - Supports 8 Cards + 1 Power Supply - Supports 7 Cards + 2 Power Supplies - Mix Control Card & Encoder/Decoder Cards - Controller Card and PSU Included
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    . VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK12,912.76 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK16,140.95

  20. BlackMagic Teranex AV

    BlackMagic Teranex AV

    - Dual SD/HD/3G/6G/12G-SDI I/O - Quad-Link SDI Output - HDMI 2.0 Input and Output - Supports SD, HD, 2K, and UHD 4K - Automatic Input Signal Detection - Redundant SDI Input & Looped SDI Output - 24-Bit, 48 kHz Audio - XLR Audio Inputs and RCA Audio Outputs - Front Panel Controls - Software Control via RJ45 Ethernet

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK10,276.28 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK12,845.35

20 Item(s)