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  1. Glidecam Camcrane 200

    Glidecam Camcrane 200

    Boom-arm, camera crane system

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK3,990.00 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK4,987.50
  2. CAME-TV Carbon Fiber Portable Camera Crane Jib Arm Crane Up To 5KG Jibs SN-01

    CAME-TV Carbon Fiber Portable Camera Crane Jib Arm Crane Up To 5KG Jibs SN-01

    Model: SN-01

    It is Made of Carbon Fiber which is different with other sellers. It is a portable variable-length jib designed for DSLR cameras. This retractable jib can be quickly and easily setup, adjusted and breakdo
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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK2,166.00 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK2,707.50
  3. CAME-TV Carbon Fiber Crane Camera Video Jib Arm Pan Tilt Head 3MJIB
    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK4,643.60 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK5,804.50
  4. Libec Swift Jib50 kit

    Libec Swift Jib50 kit

    Telescopic and Retractable Jib Arm, Tripod and Dolly

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK23,940.00 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK29,925.00
  5. Libec Remo30

    Libec Remo30

    Remote Head for Handheld Cameras

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK19,828.40 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK24,785.50
  6. Libec CU30

    Libec CU30

    Remote Control Unit for REMO30 Remote Head

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK2,736.00 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK3,420.00
  7. Libec Swift Jib50

    Libec Swift Jib50

    Telescopic and Retractable Jib Arm

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK15,390.00 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK19,237.50


    Mechanical camera arm

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK13,794.00 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK17,242.50
  9. Proaim Kite-33 Titan Package

    Proaim Kite-33 Titan Package

    33ft Octagonal Video Camera Crane with Heavy Duty Tripod Stand(HD-STD),Spin 3- Axis dutch roll pan tilt head, floor dolly, E-focus

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK36,449.60 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK45,562.00
  10. Proaim 12ft Camera Jib Arm with Jib Stand & Jr. Pan Tilt Head
    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK8,276.40 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK10,345.50
  11. Kessler Pocket Jib Pro

    Kessler Pocket Jib Pro

    Kessler Pocket Jib PRO (CJ1016) + Swivel Mount (CJ1015) + Case (CJ1032)

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK12,676.80 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK15,846.00
  12. Kessler Pocket Jib

    Kessler Pocket Jib

    Kessler Pocket Jib (CJ1014) + Swivel Mount (CJ1015)

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK9,317.60 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK11,647.00
  13. Glidecam Vista Crane

    Glidecam Vista Crane

    Vista Camera Crane with Vista Head III
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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK119,031.20 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK148,789.00
  14. Video crane EC-800 carbon
    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK3,549.20 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK4,436.50
  15. Kessler KC 5.5 Basic
    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK3,754.40 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK4,693.00
  16. Kessler KC 5.5 Ultra HD
    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK4,985.60 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK6,232.00
  17. Kessler KC 8
    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK3,845.60 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK4,807.00
  18. Kessler KC 8 Ultra HD
    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK5,084.40 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK6,355.50
  19. Kessler KC 12

    Kessler KC 12

    Kessler KC-12 Crane (CJ1038)

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK8,033.20 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK10,041.50
  20. Kessler KC Lite 8.0 Camera Crane

    Kessler KC Lite 8.0 Camera Crane

    KC-Lite 8.0 Camera Crane

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    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK3,062.80 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK3,828.50
  21. Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler
    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK4,636.00 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK5,795.00
  22. Proaim 18ft Camera Crane with Sr. Pan and Tilt Head Tripod Stand
    VPC (bez PDV-a) : HRK10,488.00 MPC (s PDV-om) : HRK13,110.00

22 Item(s)