EUROVAL was founded in 1991 and it is 100 percent in private ownership. Taking in consideration the relatively short history of electronic media, the company can be said to have a longstanding tradition. Since the first VHS cassette production line, EURO-V.A.L. has grown into a company with the technologically most advanced product lines for production and duplication of CD, DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10 and BluRay media. Since the end of the last millennium we are witnessing an accelerated growth of technological standard, especially in the field of information technology and consumer electronics. Due to numerous changes that entirely altered the direction of market development, this growth is especially evident in the sphere of audio-video and supporting equipment.

During the last five years, EURO-V.A.L. has expanded its range of services to video production in their own studios with Panasonic HD technology and to postproduction. Already from the very beginning, the company was profiled as one of the leading companies in Croatia for production and supply of audio-video and supporting equipment, from amateur and semi-professional to broadcast level. EURO V.A.L. offers a wide range of video production services, filming commercials and spots, editing, synchronisation, subtitling, CD and DVD premastering etc. They also offer recording studios from 100 to 900 m², which are equipped with the latest HD technology (HD cameras, HD mixers, LED lighting, cranes etc.). 

EURO-V.A.L. is a longstanding exclusive representative of Panasonic Broadcast, AJA video systems, Panther Broadcast, Glidecam, Libec, Sennheiser, Maxell, New Tek and some other reputable world producers of video and audio equipment. They sell video and audio equipment and they offer complete video and audio equipment, education and technical support for studios and other venues. Some of EURO-V.A.L.’s projects are: Winner’s Diary, a documentary about Janica Kostelić that won the annual award for sports documentary; “Mamutica”, “Operacija Kajman”, “Moja 3 zida”, “Jazzerela” (recorded and broadcast in HD technology). Currently they are intensively working on several television projects, some of which are entering their third year of broadcasting on national television (such as “Zaba 90 seconds”) and guarantee the continuation of growth and company development on Croatian and regional market. Company’s new offer includes Panasonic 3D technology (3D cameras, 3D mixers, 3D plasmas), singling out Panasonic as the leading world producer. Furthermore, EURO-V.A.L. has been expanding its business to the Internet, where it implemented a new online shop, which can be accessed through their company home page or