CAME-TV WAERO with Hub 7 Pack

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  • The battery style is the NB-6L style and normally it is easy to purchase locally.
  • The headset is is foldable
  • Comes in a durable hardcase
  • Move the microphone arm up to mute and down to talk

CAME-TV WAERO Duplux Digital Wireless Foldable Headset with Hub

  • The hub features 1 slave module and 2 main modules. The slave module will connect with main headset and each main module can connect to 3 slave headsets. The hub will use one slave position from the main headset allowing an additional 6 slaves. (See the above image)
  • The connection from the main head set is done via a 3.5mm headphone socket in the hub
  • Micro USB 5V input/charging (you can use portable power supply)
  • 2 battery plates, you can use (not included) 1 pcs NB-6lL battery (8-10 hours) or 2 pcs NB-6L battery (15-18 hours)
  • Removable clamp on the back along with a 1/4"-20 hole
PRODUCT Specifications
StandardDECT technology, GAP compatible
Range1200ft (366 Meters) open space
Talk Time12-15 Hours;
Channel Bandwidth1.728MHz
Modulation TypeGFSK
Transmission Speed1.152 Mbps
Duplex OperationTime Division Duplex (TDD)
Speech CodingADPCM transcoder supports up to 8 duplex 32kbs channels, fully compliant with ITU G.726
Frequency Bands1.78-1.93G