Canon EOS C300 MKIII

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Conversion rate: 1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK

Canon Cinema EOS C300 Mark III Camcorder Body EF

New 4K Super 35mm CMOS sensor for breath-taking imagequality
Super 35mm DGO (Dual Gain Output) Sensor generates HDR in real time
High frame rates of up to 120fps in 4K
Multiple recording formats support broadcast workflows
Support for in-body Electronic IS
Compact, lightweight and reliable
Various mount and lens options
Highly configurable and modular design

Thanks to its technology and feature set, plus flexibility inusage and enhanced customisation options, C300 Mark III willappeal to broadcast and documentary film makers, as well as corporate video production and the rental sector.

What is in the box:
EOS C300 Mark III Body
Battery Charger CG-A20
LCD Monitor LM-V2
Compact Power Adapter CA-CP200B
LCD Attachment Unit LA-V2
AC Power Cable
Unit Cable UN-5
Shoulder Strap SS-1200
Camera Grip GR-V1
Extension System Attachment Bracket
Handle Unit
Thumb Rest
Mic Holder Unit
Body Cap
Battery Pack BP-A60
Allen wrenches and bolts

Create cinema-quality productions with the Canon EOS C300 Mark III Digital Cinema Camera, which features a Super 35mm Dual Gain Output sensor with up to 16 stops of high dynamic range capability for superior HDR recording and low noise. The EF lens mount offers compatibility not only with Canon's existing broad range of DSLR lenses but also with their line of EF-mount cinema prime, zooms, and even 2.0 and 1.33 anamorphic lenses. The mount is also interchangeable with a separately available PL mount by the end user.

The sensor is paired with the Canon DiGIC DV7 image processor, which uses the sensor's raw information and processes it for various applications such as high frame rate recording, raw recording, HDR-PQ output, electronic image stabilization (EIS), and proxy recording. The camera records up to DCI 4K resolution video to dual CFexpress cards, and an SD card slot is available to record additional images. High frame rates up to 120 fps can be recorded in 4K raw, and up to 180 fps in 2K cropped mode. Canon's Cinema RAW Light and XF-AVC recording formats are supported, providing DCI 4K images with a 10-bit, 4:2:2 Long GOP codec. Proxy recording is also supported, which allows a significant boost to your post-production speed.

For more flexibility during post-production, the camera also offers Canon's Log 2 and Log 3 gamma modes, which results in excellent tonal reproduction in the highlight and low-light regions of an image, and an expanded dynamic range. The C100 Mark II also supports custom user LUTs that can be utilized on monitors, the LCD, or viewfinder to ensure the most accurate color. Canon's Dual Pixel CMOS AF (autofocus) support allows you to not only provide accurate autofocus, but it also features touch AF and face detection.

The camera features up to 12G-SDI output over a single BNC cable, timecode I/O, and genlock input BNCs. It supports up to 4-channel audio using the internal mic, mini-mic input, and XLR ports, and an expansion unit can be added to support up to four XLR inputs. The body has a modular design that can either be stripped down completely or be built up using the included handle, 4.3" rotating touchscreen LCD unit with full controls, grip, and thumb rest.