DJI Inspire 1 V2.0 Quadrocopter

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Drone with 4K camera and a remote control

DJI Inspire V2.0 - Luxury drone with 4K camera with new drive system

The DJI Inspire V2.0 is a revised version of the Inspire 1 drone by DJI with a new drive system . The flight time remains the same as in the predecessor version to be compatible with the Zenmuse X5 camera series, but the performance of the Inspire V2.0 drive system has been significantly improved.

In the drive system, new engines have been installed: the 420 kV 3510H engines offer improved flight performance and offer the pilot a better feeling of flight control compared to the previously used 350 kV 3510 engines. This gives the Inspire an increased maximum thrust of 2200g at 25V altitude and a speed of 420 rpm / V, where the previous model only reached 2100g at 25V and 350 rpm. New propellers have also been installed , which allow a more secure attachment and maintenance of the propellers.

The DJI Inspire is a super drone that allows you to record 4K recordings at 24 - 30 fps . The orientation works without GPS. Full HD video with 1080p at 24 - 60 fps are of course also possible! A Sony EXMOR 1 / 2.3 "sensor offers 12 MP photo shoots , the lens consists of 9 elements in 9 groups and has an aspherical element, the 3-axis gimbal Of the DJI Inspire can be swiveled to 360 ° and tilts up to 125 °.

Everything you need for aerial photography integrated in an elegant ready-to-fly system.

Main features of the DJI Inspire V2.0 drone:

  • New, improved drive system with stronger drive motors and propellers

  • Complete ready-to-fly system

  • Professional DJI Flightcontrol System

  • 4K video recording

  • GPS free use in indoor areas with the VISION POSITIONING SYSTEM

  • Intelligent power management system

  • Built-in Lightbrigde Technology for Wireless HD video

Scope of delivery of the DJI Inspire drone:

  • 1 x Drone (T600)

  • 1 x C1 remote control

  • 1 x mobile device holder

  • 1 x ZENMUSE X3 gimbal and 4K camera

  • 1 x ND filter

  • 1 x propeller pair (4 pieces) (Inspire 1 V2.0 1345T propeller)

  • 1 x TB47 Smart Battery

  • 1 x charging cable for remote control C1

  • 1 x Smart Battery Charger

  • 1 x DJI Inspire CASE

Description: the drone DJI Inspire

A complete ready-to-fly system

Everything you need to create film-ready air clips is a very easy-to-use, all-in-one system in the latest DJI Technology - for unforgettable and breathtaking recordings!

Advanced Ready-to-Fly design

With Inspire 1, you hold the future in your hands. Performance and time-saving a lightweight complete system, flexible working and high stability is offered by the latest drone from DJI. The Inspire 1 is the most advanced MultiCopter by DJI. Equipped with the latest GPS antenna technology, you will be flying with the Inspire 1 in the sky after a few moments and design your pictures.

Aerodynamic Transforming Design

Carbon fiber arms allow strong maneuvers in the air. The arms lift up after the start, through the new folding mechanism has the 4K camera unobstructed view, also 360 °. Each component of the Inspire 1 is designed for longevity and ease. The aerodynamic design of the body reduces the air resistance and improves flight characteristics, ensuring a long flight time as well as a long life of Inspire 1.

Modular system / upgradeable system

The gimbal and the camera of the Inspire 1 can be removed from the drone, for safe and transport and later upgrade possibilities.

New camera and new Gimbal system

  • Get crystal clear images with the latest and best camera from DJI. The Gimbal keeps your camera in the usual stabilization of DJI, for soft and stable picture material.

  • Video: 4K @ 24 - 30 fps or 1080p @ 24 - 60 fps

  • Photos: 12 Megapixels

  • Lens: 9 elements in 9 groups with an aspheric element

  • 1 / 2.3 & quot; CMOS sensor

  • 94 ° wide angle view

  • 3-axis, 360 ° swingable gimbal

Live HD View

Real-time video transmission from Inspire 1 can be viewed on a mobile device in 720p HD, allowing you to see exactly what your camera is recording.

Built-in Lightbridge Technology allows the transmission of the video material up to a distance of 2 kilometers.

Create Together (optional)

For a higher level of precision, a second remote control can be used. With two remote controls it is possible to control the drone separately, while the second user controls the gimbal and the camera via the second remote control.

Both operators have the option to display their own ad image.


Flying in the building was a true test of the skills for the pilots. With the new Optical Flow technology from DJI, flying in buildings and rooms becomes easier. The Optical Flow Technology uses a specially designed camera as well as sound waves which allows the Inspire 1 to hold the position, even if the GPS is not available. The sensors determine the height of the Inspire 1 and lower the legs automatically when landing.

Intelligent power system

A fully integrated smart battery powers your Inspire 1. During the flight, the battery charge status is displayed live, so you know at any time how long you can still fly. An advanced algorithm allows the distance to the drone to be calculated and shows you when it will be time to fly back.

The battery will report the voltage from each cell, the entire lifetime of the remaining charge and discharge cycles, all of which will allow you to have your Inspire 1 fly as long as possible for years to come.

Full-featured app "DJI Pilot"

Install the mobile application on your smartphone or tablet and you can see what your Inspire 1 looks like while you control the camera and the drone.

Manual mode - Change all camera settings, such as: ISO, white balance and exposure, and many other settings during the flight to make sure the shot looks exactly the way you want it

Auto Takeoff and Landing - Taking off and landing is easier than ever before, with both features with just one click. Click the Takeoff feature and your Inspire 1 will float and lift up its carbon fiber legs to be ready to take the shot. Then you can press the Takeoff / Landing function again and your Inspire 1 will lower the carbon fiber legs and land automatically.

Live Map and Radar - See exactly where Inspire 1 is, the map can be enlarged, if desired, and also shows the recently chosen path.

Flight Telemetry - All the information you need for safe flying are just a glance away. Airports, flight speed, distance and many more.

Dynamic Home Point - When a GPS signal is available, the home point updates automatically, which is useful when a car or a boat with a changing position is operated to ensure that the drone always returns to the operator.

RemoteControl Customazation -Personalize your settings the way you need them.