DJI Inspire 2 - X5S Combo

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Professional 4K quadrocopter with dual battery for flight times up to 27 minutes.
Professional 4K quadrocopter with dual battery for flight times up to 27 minutes The new professional multicopter Inspire 2 from DJI flies at a top speed of up to 94 km / h . The drone has new intelligent flight modes, such as the Spotlight Pro tracking mode or a newly developed obstacle avoidance in two directions. The Inspire 2 Quadrocopter comes in the X5S Combo with the Zenmuse X5S camera. The camera has a high-speed wide-angle lens , a 20 megapixel MFT CMOS sensor, and 4K resolution video at 60 frames per second .

VIDEO: Presentation of the DJI Inspire 2

Key Features

  • 4K video recording at 60 frames per second

  • 5.2K with 30 images via OverSampling (requires Zenmuse X5S and Apple ProRes license)

  • up to 27 minutes flight time through new dual-battery system

  • Controllable range up to 7 km, (with unobstructed view, FCC compliant)

  • LiveView feature with FullHD resolution (1080p)

  • maximum speed up to 94 km / h (30 meters per second)

  • 30 meters range of the sensors

  • new flight modes: Spotlight Pro Mode, Quick Mode, Composition Mode, QuickSpin *, ActiveTrack * and TapFly * (* will be available after a later update)

  • Smart return-to-home function

  • new wireless HD video transmission system

  • Broadcast mode for direct transmission of the 1080i50 and 720p60 signal from the remote control , directly to the monitor or OB truck

  • Zenmuse X5S - with MFT lens camera with F1.7 and F16 aperture

    VIDEO: DJI Inspire 2 "Caribbean Thief"

    Professional camera and gimbal system

    The camera system of the Inspire2 X5S Combo is equipped with a MicroFourThirds (MFT) 4/3 inch sensor. This provides a resolution of 20.8 megapixels. The camera has a wide-angle lens with 11mm focal length. The lens is very bright (F1.7) and offers a dynamic range of 12.8 f-stops. The CineCore Vision System version 2.0 records 4K resolution video at 60 frames per second. With the Zenmuse X5S internally videos can at 30fps in Adobe Cinema DNG RAW to the new CineSSDs with at 5.2K resolution (5280x2160) 120 GB or 480 GB are recorded. (The license is already included in the Inspire 2 X5S Combo) .

    Lightning fast multicopter

    Fast acceleration: The Inspire 2 takes only 4 seconds to reach a speed of 80 km / h. The quadrocopter inclines a maximum of 40 °. The maximum speed is specified by DJI with up to 94 kilometers per hour. The aircraft drone can rise with 6 m / s in the air and mastered a maximum of 9 meters per second in the descent.

    Double safety and endurance

    To further increase the safety and reliability of the Inspire 2, two redundant modules of the inertial measurement unit (IMU), the compass and the barometer are used. The dual battery system provides more endurance and safety in the air through a redundant power supply. Two independent batteries provide the Inspire 2 with energy. If one of the two batteries fails the service, the redundant backup battery ensures a safe landing of the quadrocopter. Due to the self-heating of the batteries, safe flying is possible even at low outside temperatures.

    Intelligent aircraft

    The Inspire 2 has front-facing and down-facing sensors that detect obstacles up to 30 meters away. This allows safe flying at a speed of up to 54 kilometers per hour. When flying indoors, the upward-pointing infrared sensors are a valuable tool to prevent collisions. SpotlightPro mode is a sophisticated tracking mode that uses sophisticated visual calculations to fix its target during flight. There are more intelligent flight modes and shooting modes available. Thus QuickSpin, TapFly and ActiveTrack allow even more breathtaking shots.

    VIDEO: Short film "The Circle" - completely shot with the Inspire


  • 1 x DJI Inspire 2

  • 1 x Zenmuse X5S

  • 1 x remote control

  • 4 x propeller (pair)

  • 2 x TB50 Intelligent Flight Battery

  • 1 x battery charger

  • 1 x charging hub

  • 1 x power cable

  • 1 x USB cable with both sides USB A plugs

  • 1 x microSD card

  • 1 x Vision System Calibration Plate

  • 3 x gimbal dampers

  • 1 x Propeller mounting kit

  • 1 x transport case

  • 4 x Battery Isulations stickers

  • operation manual

    VIDEO: Behind the scenes of the Inspire 2 short film "The Circle"