Dji Phantom 4 Pro

€1,666.28 €1,333.02

Flight can with 4K RAW camera and 3-axis gimbal

The Phantom 4 Pro brings aerial photography and videography to a new level. It has an improved 20MP 1 "camera that is capable of taking 4K video recordings at 60 frames per second and photo burst recording with up to 14 frames per second - even in the DNG RAW format! The Phantom 4 Pro has been increasingly used on a titanium and magnesium alloy, whereby the Phantom 4 Pro weighs exactly as much as the Phantom 4 despite a heavier camera.

The Flight-Autonomy system is enhanced by an additional pair of rear-facing optical sensors and infrared sensors on the sides. In addition, the intelligent flight modes have been improved.

Key Features:

  • New 20 MP camera for recording 4K DNG RAW recordings with up to 60B / s

  • Flight-Autonomy system with optical and infrared sensors

  • Improved intelligent flight modes with 5-direction optical detection

  • Flight duration of up to 30 min and max. Speed of 20 m / s

  • Control distance of up to 7 km

  • Manual control of aperture to reduce the rolling shutter artifacts

  • Same weight as the phantom 4

VIDEO: Presentation of the DJI Phantom 4 PRO

Camera with 1-inch 20MP sensor

The built-in camera has been redesigned and now has a 1-inch 20 megapixel CMOS sensor. A lens lens specially designed for the camera, consisting of a total of 8 elements, now offers the possibility of manually controlling the aperture to reduce rolling shutter artifacts. The improved video processing allows H.264 4K recordings with 60 FPS or H.265 4K recordings with 30 FPS and both with a bit rate of 100 Mbps. The improved sensor and video processing thus offer a more detailed and information-rich picture for efficient post-production.

Optical detection in 5 directions

The Flight Autonomy system was extended by an additional pair of high-resolution stereo vision sensors on the rear and additional infrared sensors on the left and right sides. All these sensors create a network sensor system that detects obstacles in 5 directions and can protect the phantom 4 from collisions.

VIDEO: Sharper recordings with the Phantom 4 PRO


  • 1x drones body

  • 1x remote control

  • 4x propeller pairs

  • 1x Intelligent Flight Battery

  • 1x battery charger

  • 1x power cord

  • 1x Gimbal clamp

  • 1x USB OTG cable

  • 1x Micro USB cable

  • 1x Micro SD card (16GB)

  • 1x Case