Falcon Eyes RX-29TDX Set 2

€1,579.63 €1,263.70

Bi-Color LED Panel

Falcon Eyes

This combi consists of two RX-29TDX panels, with all necessary accessories. You receive W806 stands, soft boxes, honeycombs and an RC-3T remote control. The RX-29TDX panel is flexibly pliable and the CRI value of 95 ensures natural colors.

Usage RX-29TDX set 2

The set is ideal if you want to improve your lighting at a professional level in one go. The RX-29TDX panel offers many possibilities for both photo and video recordings. The lightweight materials ensure that you take the set effortlessly on location. Optionally, V-mount batteries are available so you do not have to rely on a power outlet. Details of all individual products can be found on the separate product page 's.


  • 2x RX-29TDX
  • 2x Softbox
  • 2x Honeycomb
  • 1x RC-3T remote control
  • 2x W806 tripod