Falcon Eyes DV-384CT

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LED Lamp Set Dimmable with light stands

Falcon Eyes

Falcon Eyes Soft LED Lamp Kit DV-348V-K2 24,2w

The DV-348V-K2 kit from Falcon Eyes consists of two DV-348V-K2 lamps, which come with two W806 light stands. This results in a great set, ideal for studio- and ENG productions.

The Falcon Eyes DV-384CT-K2 Dimmable Bi-Color LED Lamp Set is suitable for illuminating small and large areas used for photography and videography. In order to illuminate a larger area, numerous DV-384CT-K2 can be attached to one another in order to create one large light panel. The DV-384CT-K2 is supplied with 2 LI-ION batteries, giving you the freedom to work on location.

The DV-384CT-K2 is compact, lightweight and produces a stable, flicker-free, colour temperature of 3000-7000K. The colour temperature can be easily adjusted using the digital display and touch keys. The maximum power is 24,2 watt. The Bi-Color LED light can be mounted on the hotshoe of your camera or on a light stand when used in conjunction with the supplied camera bracket, hotshoe adapter or mini ball head. therefore making it suitable for filming and product and portrait photography.

Features Falcon Eyes DV-348V-K2 Dimmable LED Light

The Bi-Color LED lamp consists of 384 dimmable Bi-Color LED lights and is powered by 2 LI-ION batteries (NP-F750), which are included in the delivery. Also included in the delivery is a white colour filter to create a diffuse effect.

Alternatively, it is possible to power the DV-384CT-K2 with a SP-AC15V/3A power cord instead of the 2 LI-ION batteries. This power cord can be found in the optional accessories tab below.

* The supplied LI-ION batteries have a warranty period of 1 year.


  • 2x LED-Lamp DV-384CT-K2
  • 2x Camera Bracket
  • 2x LI-ION Battery Charger
  • 4 x LI-ION Battery (NP-F750)
  • 2x Hotshoe Adapter
  • 2x Mini Ball Head
  • 2x Filter (Transparent)
  • 2x W806