Falcon Eyes Saber 1

€244.16 €195.33

LED Light Stick

Falcon Eyes

The Falcon Eyes LED Light Stick Saber One is a handheld LED light stick with new operational method. The color temperature can be adjusted steplessl from 3000 to 8000K, in addition it can also be set to power dimmable. The color temperatures 3200, 5000, 5500 and 8000K are pre-set. The Saber One is equipped with a 1/4" (female) screw connection.

The Saber One has an aluminum housing, a sturdy handle and comes in a carrying case. The LED lamp can be used as a fill light in portrait photography.

Please note that it’s very important not to use the SABER ONE with continuous AC power, as this will damage the battery.
The included adaptor is for changing only.

If you do want to use a light stick on ac power, we recommend the SABER TWO.


  • Falcon Eyes LED Light Stick Saber One