Falcon Eyes T8

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RGB LED Lamp Set incl. Battery

Falcon Eyes

The T8 from Falcon Eyes is a RBG LED lamp. The colorful and powerful LEDs make the possibilities of use endless. With the compact control panel on the back you can easily adjust the color. The T8 can be mounted on the hotshoe of your camera, but also on a lamp stand. After use, store it easily. The T8 has a CRI value of 95.

Dual light output

The T8 has a double light output thanks to a built-in filter. This filter consists of hundreds of small lumps. The light is therefore not lost over a too large spread angle.

Usage T8

Falcon Eyes has developed the T8 for creative photographers and videomakers, who like to go out. On the one hand, a white light can be emitted, which you can adjust to the color temperature of the ambient light. On the other hand, the full RGB spectrum can also be shown for creative images: from 2700K to 9999K. You can power the T8 with the supplied power adapter or two optional NP-F batteries.


  • 1x T8 RGB lamp
  • 1x Mini ball head
  • 1x Power adapter (25A / 250V / 2 Pin)
  • 1x Bag
  • 1x Packaging