Hedbox PB-D200V

€383.25 €306.60
V-Mount-Battery up to 195Wh
The PB-D200V battery from Hedbox can provide professional AV devices with the necessary power.
The innovative technology ensures an uninterrupted and trouble-free constant power supply.
In addition, a variety of protection mechanisms ensure the greatest possible safety and a longer life of the system.

Technical specifications

Mount                         V-Mount with V-Lock closure
Display                       Blue LED display with four levels
Color                          Dark gray
Battery                        cell model LG High AA Load Stand 18650 x 16 Lithium-ion
Output voltage           14.8V DC
Loading capacity       13.200mAh / 195Wh
Maixmal power          13A / 190W
USB output                5V, 10W / 2.1A max.
D-Tap output              14,8V, 95W / 6,5A max.
DC output                  14,8V, 95W / 6,5A max.
Maximum charge       16,8V / 2,3A
Dimensions                96 x 152 x 53 mm
Operating temperature -20 ° C to + 45 ° C
Weight                        895 g