Mackie SRM750

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The SRM750 adds a powerful main speaker to Mackie's 1,600-watt SRM powered PA speaker lineup. Loaded with twin 15" woofers and a 1.4" titanium tweeter, the SRM750 gives you punchier lows while providing the high-end clarity you need for any sound-reinforcement application. A 2-channel mixer provides plenty of connectivity, while the onboard Feedback Destroyer keeps your sound clean, and four Speaker Modes automatically EQ your output to fit the gig. And when it comes to roadworthiness, you can't beat the SRM750's internally braced, all-wood cabinet and tough 18-gauge steel grille - it's everything the sound guys at Sweetwater expect from Mackie's Built-Like-A-Tank reputation!

Mackie SRM750 Powered Loudspeaker at a Glance:
  • High power and big sound for a wide range of applications
  • Built-in mixer and processing are perfect for solo performances
  • Smart DSP enhances your sound and saves you time
High power and big sound for a wide range of applications

What do you get when you combine two 15" woofers and 1,600 watts of system power in an internally braced all-wood cabinet? The jaw-dropping punch and crystal-clear sound of the Mackie SRM750, that's what. Stick them on a poles, set them on the stage, or fly them from the trusses - it's all good. And if you demand even more earthshaking power from your PA, stack your SRM750s on set of SRM2850 dual 18" subwoofers, and you'll really get the crowd jumping.

Built-in mixer and processing are perfect for solo performances

While the high power and performance of the SRM750 is perfect as part of your main rig, the flexible XLR/TRS combo inputs and RCA inputs make it a great speaker for solo use. Connect your drum machine, your guitar, or a vocal microphone, and you're ready to go. Mackie's Wide-Z inputs and High-Definition Audio Processing optimize the sound of anything you plug into them. Smart Protect DSP will step in and protect your speaker when it gets pushed a little too hard. The Mackie SRM750 is a versatile, road-ready powered speaker that you can depend on.

Smart DSP enhances your sound and saves you time

The Mackie SRM750 powered loudspeaker is smart. It's got multiband feedback suppression, built-in Smart Protect DSP to protect the drivers from signal clipping, and there are four speaker voice modes to help you fine-tune your sound. PA mode provides a relatively flat sound with a mild presence boost, whereas DJ mode applies a noticeable boost to your bass and treble for a thumpin' hi-fi sound. Fill cuts out the deepest bass to prevent low-end buildup when you use your SRM750 as a side fill, and Speech mode mellows out lows while adding a boost to the high frequencies that promote speech intelligibility. All told, these built-in options make setting up the SRM750 a breeze for any kind of gig.

Mackie SRM750 Powered Loudspeaker Features:
  • 2-way, 1,600W powered speaker in an all-wood cabinet
  • Dual time-aligned 15" LF woofers and a 1.4" HF compression titanium driver deliver solid bass and clear treble
  • Built-in DSP offers feedback suppression, speaker voicing, alignment delay, and more
  • 4 selectable EQ voicings (PA, DJ, Fill, and Speech) make setup a breeze
  • Built-in 2-channel mixer provides connections for virtually any sound source
  • Smart Protect DSP protects your speakers from harmful audio spikes
  • Supports pole, truss, and subwoofer mounting options