Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12 / 2.0

€881.26 €705.01
MFT wide angle lens, F2.0, high speed A.Focus

Compact wide-angle lens, fast snapshot focus, large aperture F2.0, high-quality design in metal housing, high-speed autofocus with MSC technology

The high-quality M.UIKO DIGITAL ED 12 mm 1: 2.0 is equipped with a metal housing and is the ideal lens for taking photos and video. The excellent light intensity of 1: 2.0 ensures even with low light for impressive picture results. Not only classic street photographers will be thrilled to be able to switch to manual focus directly on the AF lens ring, while at the same time being able to read the sharpening depth range - without having to control it via the LCD. But that is not all: this innovation also impresses with a new, high-quality multi-layer coating (ZERO - ZUIKO Extra-low Reflection Optical). Compared to conventionally coated lenses, the occurrence of ghost images and backlight reflections can be reduced by 50 percent.

  • Extreme wide angle

  • Fast focus lever

  • Robust metal housing

Technical specifications:

Focal length: 12 mm

Focal length (corresponding to 35 mm): 24 mm

Lens arrangement: 11 items / 8 groups

DSA lens elements: 1

Aspherical glass lenses: 1

ED lens elements: 1

Super HR elements: 1

Lens mechanism: Internal focus with screw mechanism

Viewing angle: 84 °

Minimal recording distance: 0.2 m

Maximum image magnification: 0.08x (Micro Four Thirds) / 0.16x (35mm format)

Number of shutter blades: 7 Circular opening aperture for natural background sharpness

Maximum aperture opening: 1: 2.0

Minimum aperture: 1:22

Filter diameter: 46 mm

Dimensions: 56 mm diameter, 43 mm

mass: 130 g


M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12mm 1: 2.0

Rear Lens Cap for Micro Four Thirds Lenses (LR-2)


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