Panasonic AK-HC5000GSJ

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2/3 "HD High-Speed Studio camera with 1080p


2/3 "HD studiocamera with 1080p, 4x high-speed recording and first-class picture quality

The AK-HC5000 HD broadcast studio camera is equipped with newly developed 2/3 type MOS sensors, which provide a high-sensitivity and first-class signal-to-noise ratio. In addition to the DRS and CineGamma functions, the AK-HC5000 features new features such as Focus Assist, Flash Band Compensation and slant position reduction, which are implemented by high-speed displays of the MOS sensors. To enhance the experience of the recording, it also features some additional features, including enhanced Shockless Gain (-3dB to 36dB), custom Gamma settings, Black Gamma Correction Pedestal, multi-level digital noise reduction, and easy matrix adjustment.

The AK-HC5000 offers outstanding picture quality and usability. Together with the camera control AK-UCU500, the camera can output 1080 / 60p, 240p images and deliver high-quality uncompressed transmission over long distances. The AK-HRP1000 / HRP1005 remote control panel is also available for use with the product. This has a color LCD and allows for seamless control. Camera and camera control can be connected to each other and video signals can be transmitted over a distance of up to 2,000 meters when power is supplied from the camera control. The remote control panel and camera can be connected to each other via a special cable. The 230 mm (9 inch) color scanner AK-HVF100 has also been newly developed and equipped with a large display as well as numerous functions like Focus Assist.

Product features:

  • Sensitivity of F12 (2000 lx) and excellent signal-to-noise ratio of 60 dB (without NR)

  • Supported HD format (from camera): 1080 / 59.94p, 50p, 59.94i, 50i, 29.97PsF, 25PsF, 23.98p over 59.94i

  • Equipped with a CAC (Chromatic Aberration Compensation) function, which can correct even minor color deviations in the lens environment

  • The Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) function suppresses dark shadows and overexposure

  • V-REC and F-REC function provides powerful support for digital cinema production

  • Black-gamma function for independent color settings in dark areas

  • Features an internal digital extender with two-fold magnification

  • 12-axis color correction, detail and skin tone correction (plus two axes) as well as simple matrix adjustment

  • Setting up data and firmware version via SD memory card possible

  • Supports IP streaming (future option) and IP control

  • Advanced trunk features such as 3 x CCU to camera, plus 1 x HD SDI from camera to CCU, plus a 1000Base T-LAN trunk