Sachtler Ace L MS CF Tripod System

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Tripod system Ace up to 6 kg with middle spider, bag

The Sachtler 1011 System Ace L MS CF Tripod Head and Legs is a tripod system for videographers who use cameras weighing up to 13.2 pounds. The Ace L system enables broadcast-style performance while using lightweight components more suited to HDSLRs and compact camcorders. The Ace L fluid head features fiberglass-reinforced composite construction and weighs only 3.7 pounds. The two-stage carbon fiber legs with integrated mid-level spreader weighs 4.7 pounds. This makes the system lightweight at only 8.6 pounds.


Load capacity: 0 - 6 kg

Weight: 3.9 kg

Weight compensation: 7 steps

Damping levels: 3 horizontal and vertical, +0

Tilt range: + 90 ° / -75 °

Height range: 79 cm - 170 cm

Transport length: 86 cm

Shell: 75 mm

ACE L Fluid Head:

Fiberglass-reinforced composite construction that is both lightweight and strong

A counterbalance system with seven stepped settings for up to 13.2 pounds of counterbalance

The counterbalance system also features a zero setting for no counterbalance

Sachtler's Synchronized Actuated Drag (SA-drag) fluid drag system for both pan and tilt

The SA-drag system provides three drag grades, plus a zero setting for no drag

A panning range of 360°, and tilt range of +90 to - 75°

The ACE L 5.5" long camera balance plate that allows 4.1" of sliding balance adjustment

A 75 mm ball for fast leveling, and an illuminated bubble level built into the head

One mounting point for the pan bar on the right side of the head

CF Tripod Legs:

Carbon fiber construction that is lightweight, strong and corrosion resistant

The 75 mm bowl base provides a stable platform to support the head and camera

The 2 stage leg design provides 31.1 to 66.9" in height range adjustment

The built-in adjustable mid-level spreader stabilizes the tripod legs on even and uneven surfaces

Rotary clamp leg locks to prevent the legs from slipping once the height is set

The Built-in foot spikes anchor the tripod in soft ground or sand

Removable anti-slip pads, provide grip on slippery surfaces and interior locations