Teradek Cube 305

Teradek Cube 305
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HD-SDI decoder, with OLED, USB and Ethernet


Key features:

Receives a 1080p/30 stream with embedded audio by Ethernet or optional USB modem

Outputs 1080p/30 in H.264 to switchers, monitors and other equipment by HD-SDI

A built-in scaler can internally upscale to 1080p/30

Powers by an included AC adapter or optional 2-pin Lemo Teradek/Swit battery

MicroSD card slot enables saving the received stream

OLED display communicates transmission status and other data

The Cube 305 is a video decoder that outputs HD video over HD-SDI for use with video switches and professional monitors. This device decodes IP video from Teradek encoders over Ethernet and includes many of the same features of the original cube as a compact aluminum chassis and low power requirements.