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12G-SDI to/from SDI Muxer/DeMuxer, DashBoard Support Features: openGear compatible card Single 12G-SDI to/from Quad 3G-SDI Level A Single 12G-SDI to/from Quad 3G-SDI Level B-DL Single 6G-SDI to/from Quad 1.5G-SDI Quad 3G-SDI Level A to/from Quad 3G-SDI Level B-DL Two Sample Interleave (2SI) to/from Square Division (Quadrant) pixel mapping, 3G Pass through of Single Link 3G, 1.5G and 270M SDI video Distribution Amplifier support (1×4) Input signal diagnostics and timing analyzer for quad-link signals Automatic or manual control Detailed timing analysis for validating alignment of quad-link SDI inputs Passes SDI embedded audio, 24-bit, up to 16-Channels Recognizes and transmits High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut (WCG) signaling on VPID Power: 12 watts Hot-swappable Remote Ethernet configuration through Ross DashBoard software Rear I/O card included Two slots required for each card Compatible with OG-X-FR, OG-3-FR, and DFR-8321 openGear frames Five year warranty