Blackmagic Design ATEM Streaming Bridge



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The ATEM Streaming Bridge converter is used to decode live streams from ATEM Mini Pro series overheads to SDI and HDMI signals. This allows you to create high-quality IP video connections to ATEM Mini Pro-equipped workstations and easily collaborate with content creators globally. The video stream from ATEM Mini Pro overheads offers significantly higher quality than conventional video conferencing software, and without any digital watermarks (logos of the streaming application manufacturers, etc.).

The ATEM Streaming Bridge is a dedicated converter for H.264 video streams from ATEM Mini Pro overheads to SDI and HDMI interfaces. This facilitates video transmission within local networks or globally over the Internet. The H.264 video codec used guarantees high image quality at low bitrate. The ATEM Streaming Bridge therefore allows you to create a branched network of studios equipped with ATEM Mini Pro overheads and thus collaborate with e.g. bloggers or local news organizations. ATEM Software takes care of creating a configuration file that users can email to individual studios with ATEM Mini Pro overheads.

ATEM Mini overheads allow easy creation of professional corporate presentations using Skype or Zoom, or live shows for e.g. the YouTube platform using up to four camera inputs or the possibility to incorporate the output of a game console or computer into the show, e.g. a PowerPoint presentation. Built-in effects functions allow you to create blending effects or picture-in-picture shots, e.g. for the creation of continuously annotated videos. All models of the ATEM Mini series have a streaming output compatible with the ATEM Streaming Bridge and an HDMI output suitable for projection with projectors, for example. Microphone inputs allow the connection of microphones for recording interviews and commentary presentations.