Blackmagic Design ATEM Studio Converter 2



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ATEM Studio Converter 2 is a new model of the popular ATEM Studio Converter product with improved communication features, a new look and feel, and support for the 6G-SDI standard for future Ultra HD video support, which is tied to the availability of 6G optical modules.

The perfect solution for live streaming
The ATEM Studio Converter is the ideal solution for live streaming, as it includes four optical interface converters installed in a single 1U chassis, as well as communication functions. The ATEM Studio Converter product, in synergy with the ATEM Camera Converter modules, allows cameras to be connected to switchers via long and inexpensive fiber optic cabling. The ATEM Studio Converter supports both light signaling (tally) and communication functions via channels number 15 and 16 of the SDI signal

New Version
This new version brings an improved look to the entire device, with a sleek metal front panel that offers features for connecting and managing the communications interface. Also new is an integrated power supply that eliminates the need for an external power supply. The new model uses common connectors, such as XLR or BNC, commonly used in live broadcast systems. An additional 12V DC power input offers the possibility of redundant power supply

Communication features
The new communication features make the ATEM Studio Converter 2 easier to use in situations where multiple cameras are used for transmission. The front panel of the new model is equipped with an integrated speaker and a microphone input output on an XLR connector. The director can thus monitor communications directly from the front panel, without the use of headphones, which were a necessity with the previous version of the device. The front panel also hosts a speaker mute button and a rotary volume control, while the front microphone input additionally allows the use of microphones on a flexible “gooseneck”

The ATEM Studio Converter 2 also offers buttons to control communication functions – communication to the cameras can be completely silenced, or selectively activated when the director wishes to communicate with a particular cameraman. In addition, it is possible to use rugged headsets for aerial applications, which are often cheaper and also more robust compared to products for the TV market. Aerial headsets provide excellent attenuation of ambient noise and are available from many manufacturers. Their robustness makes them perfectly suited for use in TV applications too!

6G-SDI compatibility
The new ATEM Studio Converter product model also brings compatibility with the 6G-SDI standard for future support of Ultra HD resolution. Support for the 6G-SDI standard is missing from the optical interface for now, but the hardware of this new model is fully prepared for future operation in Ultra HD standards. The ATEM Studio Converter 2 has 6G-SDI outputs converted from optical inputs, so camera footage can be connected to switchers (e.g. from the ATEM series) directly. In addition, a pair of audio outputs with XLR connectors is provided for each of the optical modules, so that the audio signal originally embedded in the camera signal can be connected directly to the mixing consoles. The ATEM Studio Converter also offers a global SDI input for transmitting the output signal from the switcher to the camera stations via a fiber optic link. This signal additionally carries voice communication between the director and camera operators

Key features of ATEM Studio Converter:

  • 4 integrated SDI to fiber optic converters. The length of the optical cabling can be up to 40 km.
  • Converters for back conversion to SDI signal including embedded audio output on a pair of XLR connectors.
  • Global SDI input for transmitting output from the switcher to camera stations.
  • Microphone and headphone connectors compatible with common airborne headsets.
  • Integrated communication features include a pass-through AES/EBU interface for connecting other ATEM Studio Converter devices.
  • Elegant and robust design in a 1U chassis.
  • The front panel includes a microphone port, speaker, headset jacks and buttons for controlling communication functions.
  • Fully compatible with ATEM Camera Converter products or other types of converters.
  • 6G-SDI support will allow future Ultra HD signal support by replacing optical SFP modules.