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HyperDeck Extreme Control extends the HyperDeck Extreme model with traditional professional VCR controls.

HyperDeck Extreme Control extends the HyperDeck Extreme model with traditional professional VCR controls. Up to 8 units can be controlled via RS-422 protocol. The module allows you to control legacy VCRs, set start and end points, and perform simple editing. The combination of HyperDeck Extreme 8K and HyperDeck Extreme Control along with legacy recording equipment allows a single operator to easily archive old shows. This chain can also be supplemented with Teranex Express equipment to convert SD material to HD in a single step! Users can control a range of legacy equipment incl. Digital Betacam, Betacam SP or 1″ C format videos.

Update 7.1 (4/2020)

The HyperDeck v7.1 update implements significant new features for the HyperDeck Studio Mini professional video recorder. New is the implementation of the H.264 codec – which now supports HD formats with half-frames and AAC audio allowing direct file upload to YouTube – as well as faster data transfer over the Ethernet interface (up to 110 MB/s) and longer continuous recording to a single file (now at least 3 hours).

The latest software for HyperDeck Studio Mini now allows recording not only SD/720p/1080p H.264 format videos, but also 1080i material with half-frames. With very good compression in the range of 36:1 – 124:1, the H.264 codec is a suitable medium for archiving many hours of footage. Also new is the implementation of the AAC audio codec, which makes it possible to upload videos directly to YouTube. HyperDeck Studio Mini also supports recording to ProRes 422 HQ, 422, 422 LT and Proxy formats, as well as the DNx container.

The integrated 1G Ethernet interface makes it easy to use HyperDeck Studio Mini as a media server and digital signage player as well. With the latest update, it supports transfer speeds up to 110 MB/s for seamless media playback or upload via FTP.

New HyperDeck Setup 7.1 features (HyperDeck Studio Mini and HyperDeck Extreme Control)

  • AAC codec implementation for H.264 videos (HyperDeck Studio Mini)
  • Half-frame support for H.264 videos (HyperDeck Studio Mini)
  • Ability to control multiple recorders (HyperDeck Extreme Control)
  • More stable connection between HyperDeck Extreme Control and HyperDeck Studio Mini
  • Extended continuous recording to one file before creating another file (HyperDeck Studio Mini)
  • Network interface optimization (HyperDeck Studio Mini