Blackmagic Design SmartView Duo



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Featuring two large independent eight inch LCD screens in a compact rack mount design, SmartView Duo handles SD, HD and 3Gb/s SDI video standards. SmartView Duo is perfect for post production, broadcast and live event monitoring. For easy setup, all screens can be remotely adjusted via ethernet connection. With SmartView Duo you can install SDI monitoring everywhere you need!

When you need high quality SDI monitoring, SmartView monitors are the perfect solution! SmartView monitors are extremely thin and lightweight, so are perfect for both broadcast and portable use, and automatically switch between SD, HD and 3G-SDI video formats.There are 3 great models; SmartView HD features a large 17″ display, SmartView Duo has 2 independent 8″ displays and SmartScope Duo 4K adds the flexibility of built in waveform monitoring that can be assigned to either of its 8” displays!

High Quality SDI Monitoring
SmartView monitors are ideal for high-end broadcast monitoring because they feature high quality filtering and scaling, so you retain fine detail in the image. The fully digital design with high quality SDI inputs ensures precise color that’s easy to manage across multiple displays. SmartView includes Ethernet so you can connect them to your network and centrally control all your monitors from a single computer using the SmartView software utility for Mac OS X and Windows systems. SmartView also includes integrated tally that is fully compatible with many switchers or automation systems.

Compact Rack Design
Modern broadcast trucks and studios have less space than ever before and space costs money. SmartView monitors are super thin and are less than an inch thick! This means that when you’re building a wall of camera monitors, you only need rack depth of a few inches to minimize space inside broadcast trucks and other tight situations. SmartView also features a lightweight, aluminum design that’s perfect when installed into mobile racks and fly away kits because it’s not heavy to lift. SmartView monitors are also designed to be installed in any position of equipment racks., and the LCDs can be easily rotated for the optimum viewing angle. The SmartView monitor will automatically sense the rotation angle of the screen and flip the image to the correct rotation.