Blackmagic Design Teranex Mini 12G-SDI to Quad SDI



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Teranex Mini 12G-SDI to Quad SDI converts 12G-SDI to Quad Link SDI so customers can connect the latest 12G-SDI Ultra HD equipment with Quad Link Ultra HD equipment. This model also allows Ultra HD SDI to be separated into four HD SDI outputs for using regular HD displays for creating video wall style displays.

Teranex Mini models use a revolutionary new chassis designed to better dissipate the heat generated by the powerful 12G-SDI interface circuits. The new Teranex Mini products also address other issues of previous generations of converters: they feature an internal power supply, standard XLR connectors and ergonomic controls. Their attractive design also makes them suitable for desktop operation in post-production studios, and they can also be operated in instrument cabinets. Their small size makes them easy to use even on filming locations, just like previous generations of converters

Teranex Mini converters can handle 12G-SDI signals without overheating, even when multiple converters are installed side by side in a rack-mount adapter. The 12G-SDI interface allows to handle any SD, HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p60 resolution over a single standard cable with BNC connectors. The 12G-SDI technology ensures compatibility with legacy SD and HD technology, with standards switching occurring automatically

One of the most innovative features of the new Teranex Mini is the optional front panel with rotary control, color LCD display and control buttons. The base panel of Teranex Mini models can be easily removed and replaced with the Teranex Mini Smart Panel with ergonomic controls. The panel provides video and audio monitoring, or displays time code or video signal standards. The Teranex Mini Smart Panel greatly enhances the user experience and allows for instant feedback when setting conversion parameters, which is especially important in a TV studio environment

The Teranex Mini series also brings integrated power supplies, eliminating less reliable external power supplies. All models also include an integrated Ethernet interface for remote control of the converters from a central location via the new Converter Utility application for Windows and Mac OS X. In addition, this network interface can also provide power to the device by supporting Power on Ethernet technology. PoE support can eliminate power cabling altogether, or serve as a backup power source! This makes it very easy to install multiple Teranex Mini converters in instrument cabinets

Teranex Mini products are also equipped with standard XLR connectors for symmetrical audio lines, digital AES/EBU interfaces or for connecting time code sources. Users can use standard studio cabling with a reliable connector type that has a lock to prevent accidental cable pull. The Teranex Mini’s audio circuitry has been completely redesigned for extremely low noise (over -115 dBFS) and maximum audio quality

Teranex Mini models also offer Teranex technology for up and down signal conversion. For example, if a Teranex Mini SDI to HDMI model is connected to an HD TV that does not support the Ultra HD standard, the converter will automatically recalculate the input signal so that it can be displayed. Teranex’s high-quality circuitry and algorithms make Teranex Mini models ideal tools for TV and post-production studio technicians. Re-synchronization of SDI inputs and low jitter levels allow the use of longer cabling. When converted to the analog domain, video is processed with 12-bit accuracy for minimal noise. Teranex video resolution recalculation technology ensures maximum quality conversion between SD, HD and Ultra HD standards

Key features of Teranex Mini 12G converters

  • State-of-the-art 12G-SDI interface with support for SD, HD and Ultra HD standards up to 2160p60 resolution.
  • Professional XLR connectors.
  • Integrated universal power supply with a range of 90 – 240V.
  • Ethernet port for remote management of converters and backup power with support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology.
  • DIP switches for easy setup of the converters without the use of the optional Smart Panel face mask.
  • Optional front panel with LCD display and ergonomic controls.
  • Sleek, compact and durable design for rack-mount or desktop use.
  • Unique cooling system with silent fans for reliable and quiet operation.
  • Optional 1U height adapter for rack mounting up to three converters