Kiloview NDI Core Max Turnkey Solution (32 Inputs, 10GbE)

SKU: Max 32 IN


5.660,00 €


7.075,00 €

An all-in-one TURNKEY solution. Stable, Secure, Structured. Every benefits from NDI CORE Pro. Redundant batteries supply. Water-cooled radiator & 4*cooling fans. VIP Services. NDI CORE Control, Organize, Route and Everything. NDI CORE allows you to approach, route, produce, construct and deliver any NDI signals to your chosen destinations with no hinder, it’s all in your hand. Organize all your NDI sources switching from various signals are just as smooth as sliding on the ice. Producing, recording, decoding, monitoring and much more. 32 Input to limitless Output, riding on the highway with nothing to stop you, enjoy your live production with unlimited satisfaction. Everything you need is an NDI CORE. It’s the KEY to simplify your video infrastructure.