Tentacle SYNC E mkII – Standard Set



340,00 €


425,00 €

The SYNC E mkII is an extremely compact timecode generator with Bluetooth 5. The timecode is synchronized via a high-precision oscillator (TCXO) and output via the 3.5 mm mini jack connector. The practical supplied Tentacle Clamps prevent the cable from being accidentally removed. The SYNC E can be easily configured via the smartphone using the Tentacle Sync App. An integrated microphone provides an optional reference tone. The SYNC E is attached to smooth surfaces using the supplied adhesive pads with Velcro. The timecode generator is powered by a built-in Li-Po battery, which is charged via USB-C. The package also includes a full license for the Tentacle Sync Studio Software for macOS (at least macOS 10.9), which allows the synchronization of hundreds of audio and video clips via drag & drop on a Mac.