Vizrt TriCaster Flex Dual

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Two pairs of 1/4″ stereo audio inputs and two pairs of 1/4″ audio outputs on the back of the panel expand your audio ecosystem. An RJ45 Ethernet port facilitates NDI connection. Talkback and microphone inputs and a headphone output port allow you to communicate between your camera operators and talent. Two USB-A ports allow connection of peripheral devices.

  • 24 direct crosspoints with two fully independent stripes
  • Row lighting color follows UI color for delegated bus
  • 4 line LCDs for bus and media player status
  • 2 line LCDs for 10 key dynamic menu status and operation
  • Full-size joystick for positioning and PTZ control
  • Audio Control faders for outputs 1 and 2, talkback, and headphone output
  • Dynamic 10-key menu system for each stripe
  • Media players and macro control
  • Stream, capture, and replay
  • Transitions and T-bar
Vizrt TriCaster 1, 1 Pro
Vizrt TriCaster 2 Elite
Vizrt TriCaster Vectar


  • Connect to a network with NDI and control any video switcher on the network, effortlessly. 
  • Delegate and utility rows offering configurable unique workflows for every type of production and save to use any time. 
  • Onboard Audio Control and I/O – instantly expanding the I/O of any TriCaster. 
  • More direct Control and less need to for operator to use mouse and keyboard 
  • 24 direct cross points and 2 10-key dynamic menu systems – more direct power over productions than ever before 
  • Full size joystick gives greater control over cropping, positioning, panning, etc.